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Cleans the air by sterilizing light

An ultraviolet lamp removes general bacteria and suppresses viruses to create a clean environment.​

​​In recent years, the epidemic of new types of coronaviruses such as "COVID-19" and "SARS" has been highlighted every year, including the rage of influenza. Air rear is a sterilization device that takes in indoor air, suppresses bacteria with an ultraviolet lamp, and sends out clean air. The UV lamp is safe because it is built into the equipment, and it can be easily installed and moved because it is floor-mounted.

  ► Features

 Strong Sterilizing Power

With the sterilizing power of ultraviolet rays, bacteria can be sterilized by 1 pass treatment at 99.9% or more (30W type).

 Safe Design

It is safe because UV rays do not irradiate the eyes and skin directly. It has a safety device in case of a fall, so it is safe in case of an earthquake.

 Easy To Install

It can be installed anywhere without installation work.

 Cheap Running Cost

Power consumption is about 28W (15W type) and about 49W (30W type). Also, the lamp life is 8,000 hours, which is economical.

 Active In Various Places

It can be used in various indoor locations such as waiting rooms and food factories (food quality control, maintaining a clean environment).


  ► Sterilization, Infectivity reduction test results


  15W : 100 m3   ex) 3m x 4m x 8m

     *30W : 200 m3   ex) 3m x 6m x 11m


Latest Update 13 Jul 2020
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