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Munekata Thai Co., Ltd. (MTH)
Design and build a wide variation of FA focused jig devices such as multifunction machine of a welding machines and an automated machines.

Flat fusion system

Our Flat fusion system is a method of generating Joule heat with a heating element put inside the thermoplastics. (Patented)

The original ideas inspired by a wealth of experience and rich know-how in welding technology have made possible surface welding that boasts a stable seal with high finishing quality.

​It offers high added value, not only with its functionality, but also with excellent aesthetics.


Flat fusion system Features

The welding surface attains a stable seal
 The welding surface is even
The lack of vibration protects inner parts from harm
The work environment can be improved (no noise, high temperature, or odor)
Complex shapes can be handled
The heating element (wire) can be easily separated by elecrtifying it again.

Weldable Materials

Most of thermoplastics can be staked. Special heat tip may be required for glass-filled resins, certain types and certain staking section shape. Some resins may not easily be staked. Pls consult us in advance.

(Amassed data)
■LCP ■PPO■AS  etc.

Product Lineup

Floor standing

Product dimensions : 800(W)×900(D)×2,000(H)
Weight : 400kg
Input voltage : AC200V  50/60Hz
Air pressure : 0.5MPa(5.0kgf/㎠)

Floor standing

Product dimensions : 700(W)×900(D)×1,900(H)
Weight : 350kg
Input voltage : AC200V  50/60Hz
Air pressure : 0.5MPa(5.0kgf/㎠)


Questions about the Flat fusion system (FAQ)

What kind of product(part) processed?

Most of thermoplastics can be fused. Please ask more details to our sales representatives.


What is maximum size for fusion?

Our case was A3 size. Please ask further size to our representatives.

Can keep seal for long time?

Can evenly fuse the surface and keep seals. Please ask more such as seal capability and tensile strength to our representatives

What is the wire used for FFS?

Basically suitable to generating heat. Please ask our sales representatives.

Latest Update 06 Mar 2018
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