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Munekata Thai Co., Ltd. (MTH)
Design and build a wide variation of FA focused jig devices such as multifunction machine of a welding machines and an automated machines.

Designing and manufacturing automated equipment

Manufacturing a multifunction machine which is a combination of a welding machine and an automated machine.
We design and manufacture based on how our customer desires the product to be used.


Manufacturing procedure

Order and discussion


Manufacture and assemble

Test run

Delivery and training on its use

After-sales service
(maintenance, service, etc.)

Introduction of the sales engineer

The business specialist

Mr.Surachai (Chai)

47 years old


The technology specialist

Mr.Ampol (Aoy)

38 years old

Asst. Manager

The business specialist

Mr.Jakkrite (Top)

30 years old

Sales Engineer

The technology specialist

Mr.Ruttasid (Pipe)

28 years old




Impulse welder
(turn table specification)

Impulse welder jig
​​(door trim welding)

Flat fusion system
(rear spoiler)

Inspection device
​(equipped with image sensor and picking system)

Assembly machine
(Cup Holder)

Assembly machine

Gate cutting jig

Mold carrier

Bolt pressing and fitting machine

Latest Update 20 Aug 2020
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