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Munekata Thai Co., Ltd. (MTH)
Design and build a wide variation of FA focused jig devices such as multifunction machine of a welding machines and an automated machines.

Technical data

Heating principle-based classification of resin welding

Heating method Heating principle Heating process Name of the welding machine
Joule heat Generate heat by running a current in electric resistor Impulse Munekata Impulse Welder (Weld)
Heating wire Munekata Flat Fusion System
(Inner-part welding)
Heating plate
Hot jet
(Heat blast)
Heated soldering iron,
Heat rod welding machine
Heating plate welding machine
Heat blast welding machine
Joule heat + hysteresis loss Ferromagnetic body generates heats in alternating electromagnetic field due to joule heat and magnetic hysteresis loss resulted by induced current. Electro magnetic induction IH heat welding machine
High-frequency induction heating welding machine
Heat ray Generate heat by infra-red ray radiation Infra-red ray emission Heat beam welder, infra-red ray welding
Laser beam Generate heat by laser beam Laser transmission Laser welding machine
Frictional heat Heat produced due to frictions Ultrasonic wave Ultrasonic wave welding machine
Vibration welding machine Vibration welder
Rotation Spin welder


★Characteristic comparison table based on classification above★

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Latest Update 06 Mar 2018
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