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Design, Construction, Installation, After Service and Consulting for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System


We will meet customer needs to control temperature, humidity, air flow for the warehouse and production line using the refrigeration and freezing technology we have cultivated over many years.

Low temperature system is the core business area which Tokyo Sanrei Mahajak (TSM) is focusing on. For refrigeration and freezing equipment, the first priority is to maintain the required temperature and humidity inside the cabinet efficiently and reliably. On the other hand, low temperature air conditioning equipment is designed and constructed with due consideration to ensure the safety of the product and prepare the working environment for workers.
Also, refrigerants are expected to shift from chlorofluorocarbons to substances with low global warming potential (GWP) due to ozone depletion and global warming problems. Therefore, TSM is working on refrigeration systems with alternative natural refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) for sustainable environment.
TSM works with customers closely and proposes efficient and up-to-date equipment to realize customers’ new construction plans as well as improvement plans.

Proposal with Low Temp Technology

Installation at the Food Industry

Construction Results (Thailand)

Construction Results (Japan)


Low Temperature Engineering Proposals


■ Freezing Tunnel


■ Cold Storage

・Regular freezer
・Rapid freezing for tunnel and conveyer
・Control temperature as required


・Anti-explosion / Regular specification
・Renewal from regular warehouse to cold and mid-temp


■ Differential Pressure Cooling


■ Chilled Water

・Storage temp, Product core temp, Cool down time


・Cold water around 1℃


■ Freezing & Refrigerating Container


■ Tank Refrigeration

・Air-cooled Refrigerator unit
・Control temperature as required


・Cold insulation, Cool down, Fermentation
・Shape of the Jacket
・Control temperature as required


■ Rapid Cooling




・Chamber temp, Product core temp, Cool down time





■ Low Temperature Air Conditioning

・Temp/Humidity control ・Cleanliness ・Local ventilation ・Chamber pressure control ・Air flow control
・Outside air treatment ・Dew condensation prevention ・Insect prevention



Application for Food Industry


Chocolate, Gum, Biscuit, Bread

・Production line cooling/heating
・Cold water production
・Differential pressure refrigeration
・Refrigerating tunnel
・Chilled water production ・Rapid freezing tunnel
・Ice making ・Raw material storage ・Product storage
・Freeze dry

[Processed Food]
Tofu, Noodles, Frozen food, Dumplings, Cooked rice, Side dishes, Mayonnaise, Liquid egg

・Cold water production
・Differential pressure refrigeration
・Refrigerating tunnel
・Chilled water production ・Ice making
・Raw material storage ・Product storage

[Beverages and dairy products]
Milk, Fruit juice, Black tea, Green tea, Liquor, Beer, Coffee, Ice cream, Pudding, Yogurt, Cheese, Chocolate, Gum, Biscuits, Bread

Brine cooling, Chilled water, Cold water equipment, Tank cooling, Ice making, Ice bank,
Quick freezing tunnel, Hermetic tower cooling

[Meat, Fish, Processed food]
Hamburger, Ham, Wiener, Chicken, Meat processing, Tuna, Dried fish, Fresh fish

Low temperature air conditioning,
Quick freezing tunnel, Ice making,
Low temperature drying,
Raw material storage, Refrigerated product storage



Construction Results (Thailand)


■ Construction Results

Food factory : refrigerator replacement for production Line cooling equipment Distribution warehouse : Anti-explosion refrigerator equipment
Food factory : production line cooling equipment Distribution warehouse : Freezer
Food factory : production line cold water equipment Distribution warehouse : Refrigeration equipment
Food factory : refrigerator for beverage maker, delivery center Metal processing factory : Container refrigerator
Plant Research Institute : refrigeration equipment Chemical factory : Refrigerator

Air cooled condensing unit for refrigerator

Unit cooler for refrigerator

Unit cooler for Freezer

Air cooled condensing unit for freezer

Refrigeration Container

Inside of refrigeration container

Tunnel Freezer


Rack Compressor
​(Air-cooled, 4 compressors)

2 stage compression condensing unit
(Water-cooled, Low temp)



Construction Results (Japan)

► Kanto Glico - Kitamoto Factory

For new building construction, Sanrei installed a cooling tunnel as well as cold / hot heat source equipment and piping.


Inside the low-temperature warehouse, damper at the unit cooler outlet prevents warm air from flowing out during defrosting and saves energy.

► Musashino Corporation - Fukuoka Factory

Delivered a differential pressure cooling system that can cool products in a short time. Currently, the entire system is maintained including periodical overhauls.

► Kanto Unyu – Zama Distribution Center

Renewed the normal temperature warehouse to the refrigerated warehouse. In order to prevent the temperature rising in the warehouse, the gap in the truck contact area at the dock was reduced, and an electric over-slider is used to prevent heat loss due to forgetting to close the door.

► Kanto Unyu – Fukushima Distribution Center

Distribution center equipped with three temperature zones: frozen, partial, and chilled.

► Delta Air Lines

In-flight meal factory has refrigerators for various foods, dairy products, beverages and cart refrigerators just before shipment.

► Tsuruyayoshinobu

At the production distribution center, Sanrei installed a cooling tunnel device and a clean room for the Japanese confectionery production line. Sanrei has been watching through inspections and repairs for a long time.

► Furuta Confectionary - Head Office Factory

Sanrei installed air conditioning and production facilities throughout the factory. Sanrei has many experiences in chocolate cooling process.

► Teisan WarehouseCo.,Ltd.

A seat duct was adopted for construction because the plant was in operation. There are advantages such as no heat insulation, flexibility at the time of contact, and short construction period.


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