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Design, Construction, Installation, After Service and Consulting for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System


Offering a comfortable living and working environment through various proposals such as energy saving and power saving measures.

Tokyo Sanrei Mahajak (TSM) finds out the theme of the proposal based on the slogan “Solving customer's problems”.
We propose energy saving plans, carbon dioxide reduction plans, or power-saving measures by reviewing existing systems and introducing new systems. Furthermore, we would like to contribute to the customer's financial plan through renewal plans utilizing various loan systems. We will make various plans based on proposals for easy use, easy maintenance, and reliable construction.

Proposal of
Air conditioning System

Construction Results

Construction Results


Air conditioning system proposals


■ Constant Temperature and Humidity Equipment, Environmental Test Room


■ Dehumidifier


■ Positive Pressure Equipment



Construction Results (Thailand)


■ Construction Related

Food Factory : Aging chamber Food Factory : Working room with mid-temperature
Food Factory : Repair supply/exhaust air Precision Parts Factory :Inspection room with low temperature
Metal Machining Plant : Air conditioner for working room    

Plant Partition and Air Conditioning

Plant Partition and Air Conditioning

Constant Temperature & Humidity Equipment

Constant Temperature & Humidity Equipment

Mid-Temp Air Conditioning(15℃)

Mid-Temp Air Conditioning(15℃)

Repairing Supply/Exhaust Air

Repairing Supply/Exhaust Air



Construction Results (Japan)

► Kabaya Foods Corp.-Headquarter Plant

Installed cooling tunnel at the headquarters plant, air conditioning and heat source equipment at the Kanto plant.

► Tokyo Metropolitan University

The Minami-Osawa Campus is located in the suburbs of Tokyo surrounded by a lot of greenery and has an environment blessed with education and research. Sanrei was involved in new construction work and renewed air conditioning / sanitary equipment and related equipment.

► Glory Ltd – Headquarters Plant

Involved in a renewal of headquarters plant facilities, air conditioner for R&D facilities and new plant construction.


(Left)Outdoor unit of Air-cooled heatpump
(Right)Air handling unit in the machine room

► Mitsumura Printing - Headquarters

Involved in the construction of head office building and renewal of Kawagoe plant.

► Kincho – Wakayama Plant

Refrigeration and air conditioning technology is used in the manufacturing process of Kincho Mosquito coils.

► Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Involved in a building construction as well as replacement of heat source equipment.

► Kinki Polytechnic College

Renewed air conditioning equipment in each classroom from central to individual method.

► Tokyo National Museum - Hyokeikan

Hyokeikan is the building in the late Meiji era to commemorate the marriage of the Crown Prince Yoshihito. Sanrei was engaged in the renewal of air conditioning equipment in this historic building.

► Hamachou Kaikan

Hamachoukaikan is the facility for residents who can use the ceremony hall and conference rooms. The introduction of outside air is designed to save energy by using geothermal heat.

► Nikko Sumitomo Life Insurance

Air conditioning system renewal was performed. Special consideration was given to safety for construction while using the building.

► Yakumo Town Joint Governmental Office

Air-conditioning & sanitary equipment installation was performed. Energy saving is achieved by adopting a variable flow rate and a variable air flow rate method.


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