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Design, Construction, Installation, After Service and Consulting for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System

Our major business is to provide the high quality
low temperature systems for the production line in Southeast Asian
countries with the suitable machine and providing maintenance and
service after installation.

Have you ever overhauled a compressor ?

* The compressor should be overhauled on a regular basis.

● Replace worn parts inside to prevent serious failure.

● By replacing worn parts, cooling capacity deterioration can be
    prevented and electricity cost can be saved.


【Guideline for overhaul】
* Operating time 15,000 to 20,000 hours, or 3 to 5 years

Compressor Overhaul page >

Is Refrigerator / Freezer working properly ?

Freezer Maintenance page >

■ Comprehensive service from proposal to maintenance management

Comprehensive service from consultation to maintenance including planning, designing, delivery, construction, commissioning and maintenance is the value of Tokyo Sanrei Mahajak. We believe communication with customers is essential in order to accurately reflect customers’ requests and achieve customer satisfaction. Our sales representatives understand problems from customer interviews and field surveys, and make proposals that incorporate ideas from a professional standpoint. Also, we further study and analyze to achieve the best plan. After completion, we provide detailed services such as periodical adjustment of equipment, after-sales consulting, and renewal proposals.



Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment

Air Conditioning Equipment

After service and maitenance

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