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Challenge to Top Precision Spring Company in ASIA

Carry out thorough Quality Control 【Quality Policy】

・ Quality and reliability of products are built upon high quality awareness of all NISSAN SPRING employees.
・ Our target is accomplishment of "ZERO DEFECT"
・ All employees will strongly promote T・Q・C・D and strive to make high quality products stably.
・ The company will educate and train the employees and make investments upon necessity for achievement of the target.

  Introduction of HS graphic inspection system

・ November 2010, we introduced imaging sensor to inspect
complex shape springs which previously were examined visually. We advance automated inspection to catch up with the trend of spring market which is changing more precise and smaller.
・ Maker :KEYENCE   ・ P/N:CV-5000 approx. 310k pixels (640x480)


Image Dimension Measuring System​​

P/N : IM - 6000

 CNC Video Measuring System

Maker : NIKON
P/N : NEXIV VMR-1515 
Stroke(XxYxZ) : 150×150×150mm

 Measuring Microscope​​

Maker : NIKON
P/N : MM-60/L3T 
Measuring range : 200×150mm(MHS8×6)

 Profile Projector

Maker : NIKON
P/N : V12B
Effective screen diameter : 305mm

 Tension Tester​​

 Load Tester

 Torque Tester​​

 Hardness Tester

Latest Update 05 Mar 2020
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