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Challenge to Top Precision Spring Company in ASIA

Quest for Endless Dream….
We Challenge to No.1 Precision Spring Manufacturer in Asia

Nissan Spring (Thailand) Co., an affiliated company of Nissan Spring Co.,Ltd. in Japan which was established December, 1951 in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture as a specialized spring manufacturer.
Since its establishment, Nissan Spring has supplied coil springs mainly to automotive- related industry and all other fields widely.
Especially for high quality nozzle springs of fuel injection pump for diesel engine, they have been supplying in large numbers to the market based on its long years accumulated technology.
Likewise, it maintains high quality in the latest common-rail system's springs and proves worthy of customers' trust.

Nissan Spring (Thailand) is [ISO/IATF16949] approved company. We strengthen and devote our resources to quality, delivery and cost-competitiveness to fulfill and satisfy the trust and expectation of customers.
We also focus on environmental aspect and obtained [ISO1400] in April of 2006.
Company Name
Representative Person

President : Mr. Hitoshi Odagiri

Business Description

Production and sales of metal springs for automobile-related,
office automation equipment, engineering equipment, toiletry
products and other precision instrument.

Product Line

Springs for automotive panel, common-rail injector, audio and video
equipment, office equipment, home electrical appliances, spray
pump, automobile starter, automobile brake, and a wide range of
other equipment and appliances.

Head Office and Plant
WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
500/10 Moo.3 T. Tasit, A. Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140
TEL 033-211-094~8
FAX 033-211-099

Ms. Kannika 086-608-0740

Mr. Ouchi  061-025-5223

Mr. Kurita  092-259-0540

Establish Date

May 6, 2005


40,000,000 Baht

Parent Company

Nissan Spring Co., Ltd.
261-11 Kamisangao, Noda-City, Chiba-Prefecture 278-0013, Japan
Tel: 04-7143-1911 Fax: 04-7123-1915
Established: May, 1951 Capital: J.Yen 48,000,000


233 (As of January, 2019)


June, 2005



Latest Update 15 Jan 2019
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