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Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

【Mineral insulated thermocouple】
Type K / JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) class 2

T-14 Basic type thermocouple

T-35 Thermocouple with lead wire

T-70 Thermocouple with terminal head (open)

T-90 Thermocouple with terminal head (encapsulated)

Mineral Insulated Resistance thermometer Sensor

【Standard Specification】 (Normal resistance value)Pt100Ω at0℃ / (Number of Element)Single Element ​(Accuracy)JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) class B / (Sheathed Material)SUS316 / (Measuring current)2mA

Basic type resistance thermometer sensor

Resistance thermometer ​with lead wire

​Resistance thermometer with terminal head(encapsulated)

Resistance thermometer

Resistance thermometer with protection tube

Resistance thermometer with terminal head(encapsulated)

Sheathed Thermocouple(DP)

【Standard Specification】
(Type of thermocouple)Type K
(Accuracy)JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) class 2
​​(Hot Junction)Solderless contact for M4

Heatproof PVC sheathed thermocouple


FEP sheathed thermocouple


Glass sheathed thermocouple

(Temperature:Room Temperature~+250℃)

Silica glass sheathed thermocouple

(Temperature:Room Temperature~+600℃)

Ceramic ​sheathed thermocouple

(Temperature:Room Temperature~+750℃)



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