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Thermocouple Calibration Service

Our company has SANKO CO.,LTD. which has been manufacturing thermocouples, resistance temperature detector, and other thermometers in Japan for many years, as its investment parent. Utilizing the technology cultivated by SANKO CO.,LTD. we also manufacture thermometer in Thailand.

The quality and maintenance of thermometers are very important factors for companies that require heat treatment and strict temperature control.

We not only manufacture thermometers based on many years of experience, but we can guarantee that the thermometer can display the correct temperature by calibrating the temperature.

Please feel free to use our temperature calibration service for your quality maintenance, quality assurance, ISO, etc.

Type of temperature sensors we cancalibrate

・Thermocouple (R-K-J-T)

 Calibration type : Comparison calibration with our standard


 Calibration type : Comparison calibration with our standard

Type of Thermocouple Calibration range Specifiable Temperature
Thermocouple Type R 0℃~1000 Every 100℃
Thermocouple Type K -20℃~1000 -20℃・0℃ after that, every100℃
Thermocouple Type J -20℃~750 -20℃・0℃ after that, every100℃ (Max750℃)
Thermocouple Type T -20℃~350 -20℃・0℃ after that, every100℃ (Max350℃)
Platinum RTD (Pt100) -20℃~600 -20℃・0℃ after that, every100℃

※Please contact us if you wish to calibrate the temperature outside the calibratable range or outside the specifiable temperature range.

Dimension of temperature sensor that we cancalibrate

Type of sensor Thermocouple Dimension
OD (mm.) Length (mm.)
Protection Tube diameter 8.0 or less 250 or more
Element diameter 3.2 or less

※Please contact us if you wish to calibrate dimensions other than the above.

Introduction of equipment

Standard Thermocouple :Yamari Industries brand

Standard Thermocouple :Yamari Industries brand

Dry Block Calibrator : ISOTECH PEGASUS1200
Operating Temperature : 200℃~1000℃

Oil bath for medium temperature
Operating Temperature : 10℃~200℃

Oil bath for low temperature
Operating Temperature : 20℃~80℃

Measuring instrument : Agilent Technology 34970A
Main sensor used : Thermocouple​, RTD

Siam Sanko’s standard traceability room

Our standard thermometer and temperature measurement system are traceable to the national standards of Japan and Thailand.

Traceability System Diagram

Documents to be submitted after calibration

The following documents will be attached to the temperature sensor that has been calibrated by us.

Calibration Certificate

Inspection Report

Traceability System Diagram

Precaution when requesting calibration

・The length part of dimension has a straight shape

・The terminal has a shape that can be connected using alligator clip

・The accessories of the temperature sensor such as terminal box and connector can be removed

※Please contact us in advance, because calibration may not be possible depending on the shape and dimensions of the temperature sensor.


Latest Update 18 Aug 2023
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