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Sanitary bimetal thermometer

This thermometer is composed of two types of metal plates that have different coefficients of expansion due to temperature wrapped in a spiral. This device indicates temperature based on the principle of converting temperature displacement to mechanical.

By using a protective tube, the meter body can be replaced without draining water from the pipe.


Excellent visibility compared to glass thermometers.

Aluminum die-cast cases for outdoor use are also available.

ALLSUS products for both indoor and outdoor use are also available.

The appearance and temperature sensitive parts are extremely hygienic and clean, therefore can be used for temperature measurement in food and pharmaceutical industries.


Documents that can be submitted to customers

(1) Product inspection table

(2) Standard inspection report (copy)

(3) Traceability system diagram

(4) Calibration certificate

Traceability is the verification of a measuring tool if it is assembled from accurate standard components, which helps "to know what route the user's tool is calibrated and that route can be properly traced to the national standards” for accurate measurements.

Calibration certificate with the JCSS logo is issued by an accredited business operator.

The "Standard Inspection Report" for the pressure gauge is issued by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).


Dial diameter
Connection posture
Case material
Connection shape
Connection diameter
Wet contact material
Temperature range
Temperature sensitive part diameter
Temperature sensitive part dimensions

​Protective tube, electrolytic polishing, etc.

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