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Production and sales of metal injection molding (MIM) parts

  Titanium Foam with ​High Compressibility

Our titanium foam has open-cell structure with high strength-to-weight ratio and high compressibility. Standard sizes are 85mm sq. and 280 mm sq. with 9mm thickness.


SEM images​

Three-dimensional network structure with high porosity (avg. porosity 84-93%)


          Compression test​                   XRD analysis


High compressibility Pure Ti with low carbon and low oxygen



Wire cutting Bending Welding Diffusion bonding


  Porous metal

What is porous metal

The next step into the future -

our high-performance porous metal

Porous metal is an innovative high performance material with a large amount of small pores while having the characteristics of both porous material and metal.




Characteristics of porous metal

Lightweight structure Air permeability, permeability Shock and energy absorption Large specific surface area

Compared to ceramic...

Higher toughness Higher thermal conductivity Higher conductivity​


Field of application

Porous metal has been applied to a variety of applications that take advantage of its unique characteristics, such as electrodes, heat exchangers and filters.


Latest Update 14 Mar 2019
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