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Production and sales of metal injection molding (MIM) parts

Metal injection moulding, MIM

Our μ-MIM® technology realises precise small complicated metal components serial production

Metal injection moulding (MIM) is one of the powder metallurgy processes, thus wide range of material metal options, high productivity is applicable. Additionally, unlike the press-sinter powder metallurgy, high design freedom, high density and precise production are also applicable.
Since injection moulding process uses mould, stable high quality serial production of complicated designed metal parts is realised. Smaller powder size and higher contents of binder are significantly different points from the press-sinter process, and these points are making more difficult the MIM process development.
Our μ-MIM® technology has been developed specially for small complicated designed metal parts serial production.
If you would like to know further details of our μ-MIM® technology, please contact us.

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Micro MIM Japan Webinar 7th series

*Benefits of μ-MIM®
in medical device manufacturing*

Metal components for medical devices are often designed with complex geometries that are difficult to mass produce by machining.
This time, we would introduce the benefits of µ-MIM® technology which is specially invented and optimised for small complex metal parts with precise manufacturing.
µ-MIM® technology would break the conventional MIM limitations.

- 30 Nov (Wed) 17:00 -
- 14 Dec (Wed) 23:00 -
- 18 Jan (Wed) 17:00 -

(Bangkok time)   

​Language : English

Please register here.
We will send you the webinar URL to your registered email address.


 Micro Metal Injection Molding Technical  Newsletter Vol.40 

Announcement of the establishment of Micro MIM Europe GmbH

In September 2022, Micro MIM Japan Holdings Inc. established Micro MIM Europe GmbH in Düsseldorf, west of Germany. With the addition of new members, we will be able to respond more quickly to customers in Europe and North America. If you visit Germany for an exhibition or business trip, please do not hesitate to stop by.


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