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  Penetrant Lubricant Spray


Lubricant for normal machine parts, cars, bikes and bicycles.
It can be removed and broken up machine parts which are rusted and adhered.
It can be come out of bolt, nut, fastener and pin.
​★ If it is hard and attached something by rust, please leave 5-10 min after spray.


Type of Container Spray
Amount 420ml
Lot 6pcs/small box & 24pcs/big box



Model NS390T
Type of Container Spray
Amount 840mℓ
Lot 30pcs
UN number 1950
Transport hazard class Class2.1


Degreasing machines spray removes tough oil stains, grease and dust.
Powerful jet spray and quick drying solvent are effective for cleaning, dismantling, assembly work, and other various operating processes.


Quick dry spray type enable you to increase operation efficiency.
NS-390T is free from chlorofluorocarbon and chlorinated solvent, ensuring high safety.
The product can be used normally and turn upside down to spray parts with complex structure.
Gas venting structure is installed on cap so that exhaust remained gas safety.
You can spray solvents until used up.


  •  Degreasing and removing dust on surface of machine parts and molds.

  •  Removing antirust used when stored molds.

  •  Cleaning excess penetrant used for penetrant inspection of surface-breaking defects
      in metal materials.

  •  Cleaning cutting fluid used when exchanged cutting tools finished.

  •  Washing the internal combustion engines such as engines and transmissions during assembly.

  •  Degreasing surface of actuator drives such as chains and bearings.

  •  Cleaning grease and oil adhered on the surface of drum brake linings.

  •  Degreasing of electric parts and precision products.
        *Solvent in NS-390T is flammable and cannot use them during current application.

Mold maintenance

Before surface inspection of parts finished

Degreasing brake parts

Use on forklifts

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