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Gas Leak Viewer



Contribute to Energy Saving by visualizing gas leak position.


 ● Visualizing of gas leak position makes it easy to find with a glance.

 ● New TFT LCD for easy detection outdoors!

 ● Newly equipped “Approximate Leak Amount Displaying Function”!

 ● Optional Waist bag for easy portability.

 ● Specifies leak position in wide range in short time.

 ● Detects gas leak from a distance. Suitable for elevated pipes.


Usage exapmles

 ● Detect gas leak from pin-holes created by corrosion on pipe.

● Detect leaks caused by deteriorated seals and loose flanges.
 ● Detect gas leak from regulator joints. ● Detect leaks from sections with welding defects.
 ● Detect gas leak from welder air-tube.
● Detect suction into vacuum pipes.

 Type of gases does not matter if it is air, steam, nitrogen, argon or any other kind of gas!

*MK-750ST may be unable to detect depending on detection environment and leakage speed.


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Latest Update 26 Jan 2022
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