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Digital Thread Depth Gauge


Pass/fail inspection and thread depth measurement of
threaded holes in one measuring operation !

Screw the Go thread gauge using rotary handle to inspect the pitch diameter as well as to measure the effective depth of threaded hole in one measuring operation. The depth can be read on the digital display.

■ Digital display always facing toward operator ■ Sleeping mode after 10 minutes of no use
■ Display resolution of 0.01mm ■ Digital display is waterproof (IP67 rating)
■ Height of digits 11.5mm ■ The Not go gauge is attached from the rotary handle side

​Digital thread depth gauge with ratchet

By screwing the thread gauge with a constant torque, it is possible to prevent the variations in the judgment of the depth measurement and thread inspection result.

The ratchet torque pressure depends on the holder size
Not go gauge cannot be installed into DSG-DiR
With an additional work on DSG-Di, the ratchet can be retrofit to your DSG-Di in use

          *Thread plug gauges for DSG-Di and DSG-DiR are quoted separately.


DSG-Di Specifications

      *DSG-Di(R) 5、Di(R)6 is made-to-order product


Digital Display specifications


​  Easy data transfer  

1. Install the SylCom Lite software on your computer (for windows 7, 8, 10)

2. Launch the software and establish the connection between DSG-Di and computer using proximity USB cable.

3. Short push on programmed FAVORITE button on the instrument will transfer and save the data on the software. The collected data on the software can then be collectively exported into an Excel file.

  *Please refer the manual for details


Latest Update 28 Jun 2022
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