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Ameroid is the company that manufactures and sells Filter and Centrifugal separator for marine and industrial field.
What we can do is the problem for oil and water that you have will be solved by our abundant goods.

We are always at your below service in Thailand! ►►► Demonstration  Maintenance  After service

Centrifugal Separator WF

 ►►► Phase separation with high speed rotation

It can be 3 phases separation!




Oil is discharged automatically, solid is captured to body of revolution, and only clear water is returned into the tank.


Centrifugal Separator

 ►►► Separation Coolant and Metal dust in metal working

[KR]  5 Advantages

・Various materials can be used.
  (Steel, Iron, Aluminum…etc.)

・Both Coolant (water solve, non water solve)
  can be used.

・Centrifuge, non consumable parts..

・Cen be designed with such as conveyors.

・Dust and coolant are separated continuously.


KR510 + Chip crusher

KR510 + Hopper feeder + Conveyor



Evaporator EVP

 ►►► Assist your cost-down

Eco Friend Heat pump cycle system

Easy operation without trouble high contaminated water

Various line up from 350L/day suited small treatment facility


CJC(KC) filter     *CJC filter=for overseas,   KC filter=for Japan (Same item)

 ►►► Fine filter for hydraulic oil

Handles a
wide range of oil.

Anti-rust oil

Ester-type oil

Water-glycol oil

Steel plate cleaning oil

Handles non-combustive hydraulic oil like ester-types,water-glycol types, as well as anti-rust-type hydraulic oil.

・Replace current filter very often

・Dissatisfied with oil’s purity levels

・Concerned about water in current oil

・Need to solve the oil pressure problems

・Need to improve ongoing oil quality management

Filter Elements are in stock!


■ Particular for CJC(KC) filter

  High performance    Simple   Easy maintenance

CJC(KC) filter is off line filter for Hydraulic and Lubricating oils. Products line up can serve various side of equipment, It can be used oil capacity from 2 liter to over 200,000 liter. Maintain oil cleaness will be contributed to customers.


Oil sample Patch test picture



■ Filter Element

CJC(KC) filter element is made by one size, filtration capacity adjust by pile up same size filter elements, so each one perform same filterability.

■ Line Up

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