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Air Filtering Cleaner / Air Vacuum Cleaner

Don't you have any trouble on cleaning of cutting oil and machine,
maintainance and reuse of cuttung oil?

APDQO-F clears up these problems immediately!


To use the process for filtering cutting liquid and sludge

Filtering Cleaner for drum can (Air Driven Type) APDQO-F Series

​※ Drum can and Carrier are Sold separately.



  • Cutting oil can be reused.
  • Improved machine system and too life.
  • There is no fire or leakage due to air drive.
  • Outsourcing cleaning costs can be reduced.


  • It can high speed cleaning Sucking Volume 110L/min,
    Discharging Volume 140L/min by air.
  • Saving cleaning time.
  • Continuous operation is possible (due to air driven operation).
  • It can be washed.

Specifications Table

Types Applicable Oils Max. Discharging Volume (L/min) Max. Sucking Volume (L/min) Discharge Head (m) Weight (kg)
APDQO-FS-i Cutting Liquid, Oil, Kerosene 140 110 2.5 38.5
APDQO-FF-i 36.5


APDQO-FS-i (SUS filter type)

To separate chips from liquid by double structures 30mesh filter and 400mesh filter are made of stainless. Easy to remove the chips by the double structures. Further, maintenance work is very easy.

※ Larger than 500 micron chips can be removed by 30 Mesh and larger than 35 micron chips can be removed by 400 Mesh

APDQO-FF-i (Non-woven fabric filter type)

Filter is made of Non-woven fabric. Filter is one of standard options. You can dispose the filtered sludge with filter.

※ Non-woven fabric filter is a consumable part.
※ Roughness of filter is equivalent to 40 micron.


For collecting cutting liquid, sludge and even cutting chips!

Air Driven Type  AVC-550SUS



  • Cutting liquid from oil pans, cutting chips, sludge, drainage… no problem!
  • The cleaner does not utilize electricity and can be used safely in hazardous areas.
  • Safer and cheaper than a regular, electric vacuum cleaner (in the same class).


  • Continuous operation is possible (due to air driven operation).
  • No risk of electric leak due to air driven operation.
  • Just place on a pail can.
  • Easy to operate.

Specifications Table

Specifications at 5kg / cm2 Application Option
Oil-Proof Hose Aluminium Nozzle Air Consumption Amount Vacuum Degree Air Suction Amount Oil Stopper Filter
φ30 x 2m φ32 x 30cm 520 / min 2,600mm / H2O 1.7m2 / min Included Included Can, Carrier, "T" type nozzle,
Filter set

AVC-550SUS-SET  Accessories

Round Nozzle ・Square Nozzle

T Type Nozzle

Automatic Stopper

Filter Set


Carrier for Pail Can


Latest Update 31 Jan 2023
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