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★METALEX 2023 information★

Hall: 101 Booth: BG21

22-25 November 2023
​BITEC(Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre)

Thank you for visiting our booth at METALEX 2023 !

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★Portable Surface Texture Measuring Instrument★

New HANDYSURF+, reborn with sophisticated design. Portable surface texture measuring instrument for global use responding to diverse everyday needs.

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★SUIDEN Portable Exhaust Fan★

New quiet design. Very low energy consumption.

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★Gas Leak Viewer★
[JFE Advantech]

Contribute to Energy Saving ​by visualizing gas leak position.

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★SUIDEN Spot cooler★

Stop unnecessary spending on expensive central air conditioning

Save money on both initial investment and then every day on lower

Steategically place spot coolers only where needed


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★Paper Waste Clean / Washable wiper for clean manufacturing★
[Thai Wako Paper]

Quick absorption No waste threads Replaces cloth

Paper Waste Clean

For use in quasi clean rooms

Washable wiper for clean manufacturing

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★Air Filtering Cleaner / Air Vacuum Cleaner★

Don't you have any trouble on cleaning of cutting oil and machine,
maintainance and reuse of cuttung oil?

To use the process for filtering cutting liquid and sludge

Filtering Cleaner for drum can ​(Air Driven Type) APDQO-F Series

For collecting cutting liquid, sludge and even cutting chips!

Air Driven Type

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Industry-first !
​Heavy duty flexible vacuum hose for metal working process.

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★Pressure Hose★

Excellent oil resistance and transparency. Flexible hose suitable for supply and drainage of coolant oil.

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Industry-first !
Special Polyurethane
Machine way wiper

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★Penetrant Lubricant Spray [ILNEX]★

Lubricant for normal machine parts, cars, bikes and bicycles. It can be removed and broken up machine parts which are rusted and adhered.

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Degreasing machines spray removes tough oil stains, grease and dust. Powerful jet spray and quick drying solvent are effective for cleaning, dismantling, assembly work, and other various operating processes.

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★Centrifugal Separator [AMEROID]★

Centrifugal Separator WF

CJC(KC) filter

Centrifugal Separator KR

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★Digital C&R Caliper Gauge★

Digital gauge for a 45 degree chamfer offset, corner radius corner or cylinder

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★Control Panel★

At Nitto Kogyo BM(Thailand), we purchase and sell Nitto Kogyo brand products in Thailand and neighboring countries, and we purchase and sell Japanese and foreign company products.

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★Safety Working Shoes★

Hyper V® has an excellent anti-slip performance especially on the floors covered with water, oil, and soap. The performance was admitted at the highest level, that is level 5 by "Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare".

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★Built-In Water Tank Chillers★

GOOD VALUE chillers arreved!
ORION has not just energy saving and high precision control chiller.
Shipment from Thai factory within 1 day at the shortest

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★Solid Carbide End Mill "Super X®"★

Versatile spiral endmill.
​High performance and it has large merit in cost.

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★Precision Cutting Wheel★

The material can be gently processed without being damaged, while the superior precision cutting realizes a finely finished surface.

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★High Speed Precision Cutting Machine★

Manual-operation Mass-production Cutter / All-round Compact Cutting Machine / Face Grinder / Wet/Dry-type Manual Cutting Machine

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★LCD Digital Microscope★

Magnified observation, image storage from small to big object.

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★Mold Rotator / Hydraulic Clamp★

For your safety and quick molds and large sized components rotation. /T-slotted slidable clamp with compact body and long clamp stroke​​.

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★Digital Thread Depth Gauge★

Pass/fail inspection and thread depth measurement of threaded holes in one measuring operation !

Digital thread depth gauge with ratchet

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