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★Buy 2 boxes Get 1 box Free! (10 mats/Box, 30 layers per mat)

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Disposable Face Mask

★This mask, made from ES nonwoven fabric, is superior to moisture-absorption, moisture-permeable feature and barely become fluffy as well.
★Compared to conventional mask, it has a feeling of smooth texture and refreshing touch.
★High-quality filter system which *BFE exceeds more than 95% is adapted to inner layers structure.
*Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

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Cleanroom suits, work uniforms and factory expendables.

Blaston (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. is a Thai subsidiary of Blaston Co., Ltd.(our headquarter in Japan) established in year 1923, a manufacturer and distributor of work uniforms, cleanroom suits and factory expendables. Starting cleanroom business in 1991, we now offer various cleanroom products based on the knowledge and experience gained and developed over the decades. Our cleanroom products are used in various industries such as semiconductor, micro-motors, electronic circuit boards, precision equipment, HDD, liquid crystal, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry.

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Laos Factory

The minimum wage of Laos, where we have our production factory, is one third to one quarter of that of China. Also, since Laos is a member of ASEAN, we can receive import/export tax exemption based on the preferential rate. Therefore, we can produce at lower cost even with the same materials.

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18 Nov 2020
Taiyo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Update![Quality / Environmental Policy]Manufacturing of metallic press parts.
12 Nov 2020
Updated Product Introduction [Nut]
12 Nov 2020
Our English pages are ready!
11 Nov 2020
We have updated our used machine list.
11 Nov 2020
Hanshin Neji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
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