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- High-quality Hard chrome plating -

NEWS The 2nd factory is newly completed!

In fact, 5 years have been passed since Thai factory in Thaialnd was founded.
Duritng the period, our solid technology has brought certain credibility to our valuable customers which means that we are pleased to announce our business expansion by set-up The 2nd factory.
Having added a big-sized hard chrome-plating tank, Aluminum plating process becomes new line-up.

We strive hard with efficiency for excellent products and services ultimately for customers’ satisfaction. We will thank you for your continued patronage

CYHC is especially excel at plating on mold.

Most companies contract out plating work to overseas.

CYHC is especially excel at plating on mold. Other plating companies (Japanese included) deliver their plating works to customers even though molds are not fully plated. In such cases, molds are in complex shape or made of materials that are difficult to do plating on. With such molds used at end users places, defects occur and plating work has to be done again.

NEW!! ​Hard Chrome Plating on Aluminum

With the technology of zincate treatment using zinc, we have realized hard chrome plating on aluminum, generally considered difficult.

Small lot, single order, large-scale mold/jig (Up to 1,000cm2 of plating area) are also acceptable.

Product line

Hard chrome plating possesses mirror gloss, high in hardness and colorfast.
For industrial surface treatment, it is superior in terms of wear resistance and mold release .

Plastic mold

Rubber mold

Hard chrome plating on copper and brass

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19 Apr 2019
SUNOCO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
[Renewed English page] Lubricant and Grease for automobile and industry
18 Apr 2019
Hakudo (Thailand) CO., LTD.
We have started to sell Precision of Cold Drawn Bars SS400 S45C SCM435 SCM415.
18 Apr 2019
[New] Digital C&R Caliper Gauge
17 Apr 2019
Cairnhill Metrology (Thai) Limited
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10 Apr 2019
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