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Reduce factory energy waste, Reduce CO2 emission

Hitachi provides various ideas and products which can minimize customer’s energy consumption level and CO2 emission. By checking local operating conditions, we will provide sufficient solution to cover those needs.

High efficiency equipment + Professional knowhow of energy saving

Hitachi can support customer’s energy saving works by providing high efficiency equipment and professional knowhow which collected through 110years of industrial supply experience. Also provide actual measuring service to each purchased customers so that not only installing equipment but can be sure with those installation effects.

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Our Products

Air Compressor
Circuit Breaker
Motor, Blower
Marking System
Rope Hoist & Chain Hoist

Cost Saving Solution

Hitachi inverters are having mini PLC functions as standard (EzSQ). By using this function, enable to reduce external device such as PLC, sensor and timer units to minimize cost of equipment.

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Support customer DX enhancement by Control & IoT

​​Any issue of following topics?

​​▶Heavy workload on daily machine check... Willing to remote monitor units to reduce manpower loads.
​​▶Many headache of sudden troubles... At least some remote alert can get to quickly cover up the issue.
▶Willing to save energy by automatically cutting off unused unit supply equipment & local consumptions.

Hitachi can provide answer to those customer’s daily holding issues, by designing various kinds of values using Hitachi IoT components and solutions.

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Recent update

20 Feb 2024
Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd.
【News】Succeeded in developing a technology to reduce the molecular weight of ultra-high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to less than 1000
15 Feb 2024
Newly installed Vibration Test System in our factory.
07 Feb 2024
We have updated our used machine list.
23 Jan 2024
Nihon Shinkan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Our English pages are ready!
22 Jan 2024
EXCESS-HYBRIDⅡ tooling-making software was installed.



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