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1. 建設資材
1.1 Tempered safety glass, transparent and colored glass.
1.2 Floor, wall and asbestos cement : baked clay and plastic tiles.
1.3 Hot - rolled and cold - rolled structural steel, high voltage structural steel, flat steel and square steel, deformed bars, re - rolled steel and round steel bars.
1.4 Brass bolts and aluminum bolts, both pressed and rolled type.
1.5 Faucets.
1.6 All kinds of sanitary wares, except bath tubs.
1.7 Frame sets for adjustable louver windows.
1.8 sling steel wire rope.
1.9 Adjustable bases for steel scaffolding and complete - set steel scaffolding.
1.10 Reinforced concrete pipe, high pre - stressed concrete pipe, asbestos cement pipe, baked clay pipe, hard PVC pipe, fiber glass pipe, concrete water pipe, steel screw coupling, ISO metric screw coupling, asbestos cement joint and hard PVC joints.
1.11 Stainless steel pipe and steel pipe of certain sizes, with and without seams.
1.12 High density polyethylene pipe and polybutylene pipe for use as drinking water pipes, and polypropylene pipe.
1.13 Padlocks and door locks, ordinary type.
1.14 Door hinges.
1.15 Plain wood doors and windows, and manual roll doors.
1.16 Refractory bricks.
1.17 Class fiber insulator.
1.18 Finished insulator for building walls and cold rooms.
1.19 Formica, gypsum board and plywood.
2. 機械および電気機器
2.1 Ballast, ordinary lamps, fluorescent lamps, electric bulbs, starters.
2.2 Ordinary fans.
2.3 Electric motors of certain sizes, motor compressor, single phase three phase induction motors.
2.4 Straight shank, suspension, strain and wheel insulators.
2.5 Electric switches.
2.6 Telephone cable, electrical cable and electric wires.
2.7 Power, safety isolating, and electric transformers.
2.8 Capacitors of low voltage.
2.9 Elect ricer cookers.
2.10 UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
2.11 Personal computers.
2.12 Generator sets, not more than 240 kilowatts.
2.13 Refrigerators and freezers.
2.14 Water coolers of all kinds.
2.15 Condensing units or chillers of not more than 40 tons.
2.16 Air handling units with a fan coil unit of not more than 18,000 cfm.
2.17 TV, radio and telephone receivers.
2.18 Arc, spot and seam welders.
2.19 Air - conditioners of not more than 40 tons.
3. 機械関係設備、部品および付属品
3.1 Water filters.
3.2 Ice cube and ice flake makers.
3.3 Microorganism incubators and autoclaves.
3.4 Liquefied petroleum gas pressure regulators.
3.5 Manual type staplers.
3.6 Passenger and loading elevators, other than those used in hospitals for loading patient beds, and elevators with three car group control systems for use in high - rise buildings of 9 floors or higher.
3.7 Conveyors belt made of rubber and canvas.
3.8 Boilers.
3.9 Canteens, vacuum glass products and rubber hot - water bottles.
3.10 Disposable sterilized syringes.
3.11 Safety ventilation mechanisms for gas cylinders.
3.12 Tooth scalars and dental units.
3.13 Industrial goods shelves.
3.14 Dry chemical and portable fir extinguishers.
3.15 Steel and wooden furniture.
3.16 Lawn mowers.
3.17 Air pumps, 1 HP.
3.18 Clothes dryers.
3.19 X - ray 100 MA, 100 KV, other than mobile type.
3.20 Fire - proof safety doors and electronic safety vaults.
3.21 Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders.
3.22 Safety leather shoes.
3.23 Electrode, stranded wire, copper wire, metal wire, steel wire rope and steel, stranded wire.
3.24 Plastic and steel tanks for storing water of all kinds.
3.25 Leather gloves, rubber gloves and ordinary colth gloves.
3.26 Fire extinguishing pipes.
3.27 Copper, cast steel and steel water gates.
3.28 Blankets.
3.29 Invalid chairs and stretchers for general use.
3.30 Graters.
3.31 Concrete mixer vehicles.
3.32 Kitchen utensils, ordinary type.
3.33 Safety hats for industrial plants and field work.
3.34 Stainless steel sinks for washing.
3.35 Tableware and cutlery of all kinds.
3.36 Carpets, curtains, and related accessories.
3.37 Sedans, trucks and certain kinds of ambulances.
3.38 Cooling towers of not more than 1,000 tons.
3.39 Water pump used with engines and with motors, and various pumps used with liquid and chemicals.
3.40 Vibro - separators and filters.
3.41 Hand pallet - trucks, hydraulic stackers, mobile cranes, high - lift pallet trucks and power electronic stackers.
3.42 Hydraulic presses of 100, 200, 400, 500 and 1,000tons.
3.43 Hydraulic press brakes of 80 and 150 tons.
3.44 Hydraulic guillotine shears.
3.45 Crank presses of 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 60, 80, 100, 150 and 250 tons.
3.46 Plastic grinding machines.
3.47 Drawer cabinets for tools and equipment.
3.48 Blow molding machines.
3.49 Shot blasting machines.
3.50 Lathes.
3.51 Plastic bag blowers and plastic cutting and sealing machines of non - photocell type.
3.52 Air jet water churning machines. PE buoy and 4 - blade PE buoy plastic blades.

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